Angela Towne, LCSW, LLC - Clinical Therapist
Have you found yourself saying that you need to get help for your child now? Are you concerned about their well being? Adolescence and the teen years are more difficult today then ever before. The stress of academics, peer pressure, and home life can be overwhelming and often leads to unhealthy ways of coping. During this time the transitional stage of physical and psychological development are occurring, with out proper intervention and support long lasting behavioral, adjustment, mood, eating, conduct, and substance abuse disorders can occur.  

Depression has a significant impact on adolescent development and well being. Adolescent depression can adversely affect school and work performance, impair peer and family relationships, and exacerbate the severity of other health conditions such as asthma and obesity. Depressive episodes often persist, recur, or continue into adulthood. Youth who have had a Major Depressive Episode (MDE) in the past year are at greater risk for suicide and are more likely than other youth to initiate alcohol and other drug use, experience concurrent substance use disorders, and smoke daily.

Good emotional and behavioral health enhances a child's sense of well-being, supports satisfying social relationships at home and with peers, and facilitates achievement of full academic potential.Children with emotional or behavioral difficulties may have problems managing their emotions, focusing on tasks, and/or controlling their behavior. These difficulties, which may persist throughout a child's development and can lead to lifelong problems, are usually noticed first by parents. Parents play a crucial role in informing health professionals about a child's emotional and behavioral difficulties and obtaining mental health services.

If your adolescent is experiencing low self esteem, depression, anxiety, school stressors, drug abuse, sexual or physical abuse, behavior problems, cutting or self harm, eating disorders, or social stressors it is very important that they have the support they need in order to overcome their issues. I offer individual, equine facilitated, family, EMDR, behavior modification, cognitive, DBT, trauma-focused, and mindfulness therapy approaches. Additionally, I offer adjunct support in the forms of SKYPE, telephone, and email communications. Allow me to assist your adolescent in learning skills that will help them to not only endure the teen years, but to thrive and succeed as happy adults.